Quality Policy Statement

All products manufactured by Kencoil conform to the requirements specified by our customers to the highest current engineering and industry standards. Kencoil provides its customers with products of the highest quality through careful planning, skilled production, and thorough inspection and testing; documented in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard. All employees and suppliers are expected to participate in the successful implementation of our Quality Management System (QMS) encompassing all aspects of our procurement, production, delivery, support, and customer service activities.

Kencoil strives to provide reliable, high quality products and service. The long-term growth and success of our customers and the development of our suppliers are the keys to our success.

To these ends, Kencoil:

  • Assists customers by providing defect free quality products and services.
  • Continuously improves our products and processes to ensure our competitive market position.
  • Develops suppliers as part of the Kencoil team.
  • Trains employees to understand their direct impact on product quality and the associated links to customer satisfaction, profitability, and business continuity.

The management of Kencoil is totally committed to this quality policy and the objectives required for success.

Kencoil Mission

Consistently & expediently deliver the highest quality electric motor coils, manufactured under the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, and provide support services to the electric motor & generator industries through the valued contributions & continuing dedication of our people.

  • Customers Come First
  • Quality is a result of a process that prevents errors from occurring
  • Demonstrate the worth of our people (Listen to our people, train our people, reward our people, provide for our people, respect our people)
  • Create Simplicity out of complexity
  • Maintain the highest standards & principles
  • Continually improve our products and services
  • Respect the organization (common cause, team, eliminate waste)