About us

Founded in 1982, Kencoil manufactures form wound stator coils, form wound armature coils, dc field coils, specialty coils and provides expertise for original equipment manufacturers and after-market repair customers in the electric motor and generator industries. Kencoil has earned its industry leading reputation by consistently and expediently delivering the highest quality electric coils and providing unparalleled support services to the electric motor and generator industries. Kencoil has achieved this success over the last 30 years through the valued contributions and continuing dedication of its people.

Primary Industries Served

  • Electric Power Generation Including Nuclear, Hydro and Wind Energy
  • Mining
  • Offshore/Onshore Oil and Gas Drilling
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Petrochemical Refining
  • Rail Alternators, Generators and Motors
  • Steel Mills
  • Industry Specific Engineered Generators and Motors

The Kencoil Advantage

  • Our People – Experienced and Knowledgeable, Experts in our Industry
  • Custom Business System (Database Application Incorporating Coil Design,Coil Order and Shop Management)
  • 40 years of historical coil database to insure proper data on all motor and generator models
  • Automated “Flat Coil” Process and Capacities
  • Supply Chain & Consigned Raw Material Inventories
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification & Quality System Designed for Continuous Improvement/
  • Around the clock 24hour/7days per week support (quote, design & manufacture)

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