Kencoil has the required expertise, service team culture, processes and resources to provide our industry the highest value electric motor and generator coils.

  • Order turn times are enhanced through consigned raw material inventories on hand at Kencoil.
  • Large scale of operations and redundant machine capacities result in minimal queue times even while processing multiple rush orders (3 wire glassing machines, >15 coil looping machines, 6 Flat Coil taping machines, 3 in-line taping machines, >15 conventional taping machine, >19 coil forming spreaders, 4 ovens).

Stator coils, armature coils, field coils, vacuum pressure impregnation coil systems, sealed coil systems, varnish treated coil systems, flat coil process, conventional coil process, Kencoil has what it takes.

Belle Chasse, LA
FacilitiesSquare Feet63,045
In Service
Wire Glass-Coating LinesUnited States Machinery3
Looping Machines (>200" Loop Length)ACE Manufacturer15
Automatic Turn-Taping MachinesCam Innovation4
Automatic Flat Coil Taping MachinesSanwa Denki ST20006
Robotic Pre-FormerSanwa Denki SCC20002
Robotic Spreader (78" Coil Length, 27" Spread & 11" Knuckle Lift)Sanwa Denki SCA20001
Conventional James Spreader120"1
Conventional James Spreader90"3
Conventional James Spreader75"8
Conventional James Spreader60"3
Conventional James Spreader48"2
Conventional James Spreader36"1
James Rail Spreader (36" Spread & 20" Knuckle Lift)200"1
Straight Line Taping MachinesWestral Insulated Products3
Conventional Taping MachinesCam Innovation15
Convection Bake Ovens (500 Fahrenheit)Steelman and Wisconsin Oven4
Surge Testers (25KV)Surge Testers (25KV)3
HI-Pot tester (40KV)Hipotronics HD100 series1
HI-Pot tester (25KV)Hipotronics HD100 series2
Micamation Automatic TaperMI-3361
Micamation Automatic TaperMI-3641
Micamation Automatic SpreaderMCS-3801